By now most people know that the BlackBerry Slider is no longer a myth and is in fact a real device. The first images were a bit blurry and hard to make out. Now you can end the squinting and look at these new higher resolution images of the first ever full QWERTY keyboard slider BlackBerry. More info and images after break.

You are probably scratching your head at what exactly the BlackBerry Slider could be. Is it the ‘Mr. T aka Talladega‘, otherwise known as the Storm3? Or, is it what Kevin from CrackBerry.com suggests, “the slider berry will hit the market as part of
the BlackBerry Bold line.” Either way, we’re still a bit unsure.

The BlackBerry Slider unfortunately has a bad battery and cannot be powered on. However, it is interesting to note that the slider’s battery is pretty unique. It is an FX-1, orange colored, has rounded edges, is a bit thinner than normal DX-1, and it is only 1050mAh. What kind of battery could this resemble?

The body style of the BlackBerry Slider is much like the Storm2, but it doesn’t fall into the same category, as it lacks the SurePress touchscreen ‘clicking’ technology. If the slider truly is a Bold model, could this be the real Dakota? It wouldn’t make too much sense to have two different devices essentially the same, only one has a fairly larger screen and its keyboard slides out. 
With almost all device leaks it opens the flood gates of new information. Perhaps we will soon learn what exactly this device is, when it will be released, and its full specs.