Research In Motion is cooking up yet another Storm and this time it looks deadly. We first heard details about a ‘Mr. T‘ (now codenamed Talladega), which is what many are referring to as the already infamous ‘Storm Slider’.  There has been little to no details about the next brewing storm except that it should have a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. That was all we knew, until now. While we cannot confirm nor deny what you’re about to read, we thoroughly trust our insider.
What we’ve been told thus far:
  • There are currently 2 prototype versions of the Storm 3 – One with a slide-out keyboard and one without a slide-out keyboard. Unfortunately for those looking to finally have a BlackBerry with a touchscreen keyboard and a physical keyboard, you may be out of luck. We’re told that the keyboard-less Storm 3 has a 90% chance of making the final release over the Storm 3 slider.
  • The screen will still be a tactile SurePress touchscreen (sorry for those who wish it was capacitive). The screen is better than the Storm2 and will continue to utilize the Piezo technology. The screen is composed of 16.7 million colors.
  • The browser will be upgraded to include tabbed browsing. The tabs are at the bottom of the screen. We are unsure if this is going to be the Iris browser by Torch Mobile.
  • BlackBerry Messenger will be updated significantly to include skins. You will now be able to add themes and change color-sets.
  • Current early beta OS is We are told there will be widgets (similar to the SenseUI). We do not know if widgets will be a Storm 3 exclusive feature or if they will become available on all 5.1.xxx.xx OS’ for other devices.
  • 512mb RAM
  • 19 second boot time
  • Battery life has been improved tremendously.
  • Storm 3 will be thinner (about the size of the iPhone 3GS)

If all goes as planned, we hear that RIM may debut the Storm 3 at WES 2010 in April. As we get more information into the next of the Storm series we will be sure to let you know. Check back frequently or follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop!