From what you can see the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 9570 will definitely look identical to the current Storm2 9520/9550 form factor. Like the Bold 9780, the BlackBerry Storm 9570 will merely receive internal upgrades so that it can efficiently handle OS 6.

The main reason that the original Storm2 won’t receive OS 6 is primarily due to the touchscreen sucking up too much memory with OS 6. The base 256mb RAM on the Storm2 simply wasn’t strong enough. Therefore, the refresh model (9570) was necessary to get a Storm device that could run OS 6.

The Storm 9570 will not be thinner than the original Storm2. Literally, just about everything about the 9570 will be the same as the Storm2, even down to the battery. The battery on the Storm 9570 will still be the DX-1. Any current or past Storm2 owners know that the battery life isn’t great. We’re hoping that with upgraded memory, processor, and OS 6 that the battery life will be better, considering RIM left in the same old battery.