According to the financial research company, Collins Stewart, we should see the BlackBerry Storm3 in August of 2010. This date was suggested in a recent report regarding the financial benefit of the continued use of Synaptics’ ClearPad touchscreen technology for the Storm3.

We contacted Synaptics, “…who does not comment on its relationship with RIM.”

It will be interesting to see if this rumor follows through. If you have followed the Storm series then you will know that the past two devices (Storm1 and Storm2) have launched in October. An August release date might be a better fitting timeline for going against the iPhone 4.

Synaptics makes various packages of the ClearPad touchscreen. The latest is the ClearPad 3000. ClearPad 3000 Series offers:

  • Next-Generation User Experience—Leverage breakthrough multi-finger gestures for exciting new games and applications, including dual/multi-player gaming devices and mobile applications. Click here to see the 3000 Series demo with gestures like Crumple and Scratch.
  • Larger Screen Sizes—Synaptics’ proprietary chip features 48 sensing channels and excellent power management—enabling screen sizes up to 8 inches and more accurate sensing.
  • Maximum Display Area—Industry-leading narrow borders increases the amount of touchscreen real estate and optimizes popular display technologies, such as OLED
We’ve heard many times that the Storm3 is supposed to be a gaming device. The ClearPad 3000 sounds like it would be the perfect option to advance the Storm3 into perfect competition with the iPhone 4 and Android devices. 

Do you think we will see the Storm3 release in August? Is there even a Storm3? Normally, we would have seen a device leak or some tangible evidence to prove its existence by now.