According to a new rumor we may see Verizon Wireless getting a few new BlackBerry devices this coming 2010 Holiday season. If you’re a Verizon customer you might want to keep an eye out for the Storm3, Curve3, and even the tablet!

“…our source is telling us that both a Curve 3 and Storm 3 are “possible” for the holidays this year. If we had to guess, the Curve 3 is likely a variant of this 9300 we’ve been seeing lately, whereas the Storm 3 could be a version of the 9800 slider or an entirely new keyboardless slate. There’s also a 10.1-inch tablet on the docket; the carrier has already confirmed that Android tablets are in the pipeline, but this could also be a version of the rumored BlackBerry beast. “

We’re hoping that the Curve3 isn’t the 9300, since the 9300 is really no different from the 8500 series. Something interesting to note is that recently a highly regarded analyst, Ashok Kumar, had suggested that the BlackBerry tablet would have a 7-inch screen, whereas this new rumors suggests it will be 10.1-inches. It is always funny when rumors begin to conflict one another.

Either way, if these rumors are close to being true, it is good to see that Verizon will be taking on the BlackBerry tablet. It is also always good to hear decent rumors that the Storm3 is still on its way; considering we haven’t seen any leaked images, yet (we’re hearing it is under new type of security to prevent any leakage). Hopefully more information will come out on all three and those on Big Red may have 3 new BlackBerry products to be happy about this coming Holiday season.