There have been countless rumors for both the BlackBerry Storm3 and a Bold/Touchscreen hybrid device, most notably known as the Magnum and/or Dakota. One thing that has lacked for the Storm3 was a codename. At one point many thought that ‘Mr. T‘ and later ‘Talladega‘ were codenames for the Storm3. However, those turned out to be for the, now released, Torch 9800.

One of our connects has dropped us what just may be the first codename for the Storm3. Apparently, the Storm3’s codename is the BlackBerry Monaco. We’re hoping this is the first of much more information to come out regarding this device. The Storm3 was thought to be a Storm2 refresh (9570), but this later turned out to allegedly get cancelled. A new image has surfaced, which many believe it to be a shot of a Storm3 prototype. Nevertheless, a codename can sometimes help in the hunt for new information on a device.

The second mystery device to get a new codename is the Bold/Touchscreen hybrid. Apparently, this device, which was known as the Magnum and Dakota, is now called the BlackBerry Montana. This device has also been rumored to be model 9900. The Montana is said to keep the Bold 9000 form factor and include a touchscreen. This sounds like the device many have been waiting for.

With all BlackBerry concepts and pre-production units, their codenames sometimes change. These are supposedly their current codenames, but they can change at any time. We’re hoping as time goes on more information will turn up that will ease our guessing about these two mysterious devices.