One of our sources let us know that RIM has been testing out a BlackBerry Style with a touchscreen for the next possible iteration of the 9670. It isn’t clear if both displays will be touch interactive or solely the main, larger display. We’ve also heard that RIM was playing around with a dual-hinged prototype. This would give the BlackBerry Style2 the option to ‘flip open’ from clamshell into portrait or landscape. We’re not sure how this would have worked with the keypad when moving from different orientations, but it sounds cool.

Something else our source briefly noted was that RIM has also been working on a Curve with a touchscreen. This won’t be on the next-gen Curve Sedona releasing this year. But, it is nice to know that RIM is diligently working on touchscreen enabled devices (since touchscreen is the current mobile trend). Nevertheless, things look to be moving ahead for RIM and it is always good to know what they’re working on. Although, will it ever see the light of day is the real question. Our guess is that we won’t see a ‘Style2’ until RIM has pushed the original Style 9670 around to the rest of the world.