BlackBerry Suitcase – Every Traveling Fan Needs One

BlackBerry Suitcase – Every Traveling Fan Needs One

I’ve gone through many suitcases over the years as a sales person, and this year I decided to spoil myself. I wanted a durable yet unique suitcase, one that was easy to identify as mine in the airport. BlackBerry and durability go hand in hand so why not make my suitcase look like a BlackBerry!

I went and purchased an AirCanada branded hardshell carry-on size suitcase and then went to my friend @urbanglowcam (cameronhirbodi.com) looking for a high quality BlackBerry image with a wallpaper I could love.

Cameron came through amazingly with quality so good I could have wrapped a transport truck without pixilation. Then I had the image printed onto vinyl and glued to the suitcase. The inaugural trip for my BlackBerry suitcase was a trip to Las Vegas, and the suitcase did wonderfully.

I wasn’t questioned directly about the suitcase on this trip. Though, I did over hear comments about never seeing a BlackBerry Suitcase before. I have to say a BlackBerry Branded suitcase is a pretty dang attractive suitcase.

Here are a few structural pictures, as some have asked for more details as they’d like one of these themselves:

When BlackBerry10 hits the market, what should I make? Another suitcase? Briefcase? Sound off in the comments. If you have any questions I’d love to answer them.

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