BlackBerry fans all over the world have the same concern about the upcoming Passport launch: Will BlackBerry put marketing behind this incredibly innovative device? Under the Chen regime, the answer seems to be a resounding ‘Yes!’

The picture above shows a full page ad that BlackBerry has put out in newspapers all over Canada, declaring “Canadians Love A Great Comeback.” And that’s exactly what BlackBerry is trying to accomplish: a comeback into the spotlight, and into the hearts of business leaders and consumers with a mind for productivity alike. They’re letting people know, regardless of what they may have heard, BlackBerry is not dead, and they are getting ready for a big push forward.

To be honest, the fact that BlackBerry will get some marketing push behind the Passport and upcoming Classic shouldn’t surprise us too much. They’re restructuring as a company is complete, so cut backs in advertisement and marketing aren’t necessary. Also, BlackBerry’s VP of Marketing, Mark Wilson, told us firsthand that the company would be utilizing “traditional marketing campaigns” in their upcoming launches. This ad matches up perfectly with the idea of traditional as well.

For BlackBerry, this time it will be different. They will not sit back and let the huge opportunity they have in front of them to make a big dent in the smartphone market slip by.

This is just the beginning.

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