Research In Motion won’t solely have the BlackBerry 10 excitement at the launch events scattered around the world. No, they plan to keep the spirit alive in their home town, Waterloo, Ont.

RIM plans to hold skating parties at community rinks, as well as decorate light poles in areas of Waterloo and neighbouring Kitchener with banners to promote BlackBerry and thank the community for its support.

City leaders had to make an exception to long-standing rules about corporate advertising on city property. “It’s just a small way of saying thank you for sticking behind us and being there during the transition period,” said Morgan Elliott, director of government relations, in an interview.

BlackBerry-themed skating parties will be held at Kitchener City Hall and in Waterloo Town Square on Jan. 30 to coincide with BlackBerry 10’s reveal. At the skating rinks, RIM says it will supply complimentary hot chocolate and BlackBerry-branded cookies.

via Times Colonist