We’ve heard a few specs on the Monaco Touch, CDMA version of RIM’s upcoming slate device. We also learned it was model number 9850 from it’s OS that leaked. Not much has been heard about the GSM iteration, the BlackBerry Monza. Here lies the full specs sheet for the upcoming BlackBerry Touch Monza, which we now learn will be model number 9860. In the spec sheet we also learn it has the FCC ID L6ARDP70UW, which suggests it’s closer to being approved and likely the first GSM OS 6.1 device to release.

The BlackBerry Monza 9860 looks to weigh only 135g, and be capable of 14.4MBps, but will only pump out 13.4MBps due to chipset limitations. Also, we’d like to note it does say ‘Torch’ at the top, but we’re certain it’s a spelling error and meant to say ‘Touch’, wanted to clear this up (Torch2 is 9810). Hit the break for the rest of the specs.