BlackBerry Traffic has been officially released to App World as of 9:00 AM EST today (Thursday, December 22nd) and will be available for most users within 24 hours. We saw this same version release in Beta Zone just a few days ago. Some of the new improvements include:

  • *Fixed* Audio guidance directions spoken after user selected “Cancel Destination”
  • *Fixed* “Towards” is pronounced with speaker contracting the “to” instead of “twa”
  • *Fixed* Exit number on road list spoken (when exit number available)
  • *Fixed* “Application not responding” on BlackBerry Storm 9550 SmartPhones
  • *Fixed* Application exiting during a phone call
  • *Fixed* BlackBerry Calendar integration
  • *Improvement* Audio guidance and quality improvements
  • *Improvement* GPS detection improvements
You can get the new BlackBerry Traffic app from App World here.