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Lately it looks like RIM is working hard to push out updates to a lot of their add on applications. Traffic has been out for awhile now but has felt stuck back in OS 4.2 days. Luckily members of the Beta Zone can now participate in the latest version.

New features of BlackBerry Traffic v2.0 include:

  • Complete UI revamp: BlackBerry Traffic 2.0 features new icons, an updated color scheme, a 6.0-style theme and more!
  • Route selection screen: A new future traffic view can be accessed by selecting the current time on the route selection screen, or by flipping through the different views when a route is selected. This view can be used to determine the best departure time based on predicted traffic conditions.
  • Next maneuver drive view – The simple view has been revised to display the next maneuver with corresponding turn icon in a large, easily viewable font.
  • Search history – Frequent search terms are now available from a drop down on the search screen.

Its still beyond me why this isn’t just a part of their Maps app, but still good to see a useful app get a facelift.