Before today (and our embargo of course), I honestly thought that BlackBerry was going to announce BBM for the iPhone and Android. However, now we’ve learned this announcement will be tomorrow in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I could somewhat understand why BBM would be announced in Malaysia. But once I knew that BlackBerry’s next flagship device was getting its official unveiling in Malaysia, I was a bit puzzled until it all clicked.

BlackBerry is beginning to ignore North America. During the BlackBerry Z30 event in Malaysia, it was announced that BlackBerry’s subscriber base grew by a whopping 300%.

It certainly became an apparent no-brainer why the company chose to make such a paramount product launch in the country. It’s also a telling sign by having ‘BBM for all’ announced in Indonesia.

Asia Pacific (minus Australia) is certainly the region still excited for BlackBerry products on a widespread scale. It’s quite the interesting approach by BlackBerry, which hopefully will lead to more users in North America itching to get their hands on the newest BlackBerry smartphone.

Do you think BlackBerry made the right choice by announcing the BlackBerry Z30 in Malaysia?