Despite BlackBerry’s former reign in the smartphone market, and even now by supposed “security through obscurity,” the company has never suffered widespread malware. Over the years, BlackBerry users have been able to confidently relax knowing their data and privacy is relatively secure.

However, a new breed of malware is on the loose by the name of “WireLurker.” Fortunately, BlackBerry users are safe as it only targets Apple products. Although, we know many BlackBerry users still use a Mac or iPad for their computing needs.

WireLurker was first discovered by cyber security software maker Palo Alto Networks, who found it zeroes in on Apple’s Mac OS X desktop software and iOS. The WireLurker malware can install malicious third-party apps on iPhones and iPads.

Currently, the WireLurker malware only seems to be targeted towards users in China. However, it wouldn’t take much to give it the potential to expand borders. Palo Alto Networks says the malware is “the biggest in scale we have ever seen.”

WireLurker has the ability to sense when you plug an iPhone or iPad into your Mac computer running OS X, says the New York Times. Once the malware detects the connection, it can start installing malicious apps on your device.

“Even though this is the first time this is happening, it demonstrates to a lot of attackers that this is a method that can be used to crack through the hard shell that Apple has built around its iOS devices,” said Ryan Olson, director of threat intelligence at Palo Alto Networks.

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Business Insider, Photo credit: CNET