BlackBerry users got some welcome news today as StarStar Me announced enhanced capabilities for personalized mobile numbers. BlackBerry customers now have access to the full range of StarStar Me features through a standard and mobile website.

StarStar is the only company of its kind working with all 4 major US mobile carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint), and works with big brands including Target, Ford, NFL, Dunkin Donuts, and CBS.

Through the StarStar Me service, subscribers can receive calls via a personalized mobile number that uses their name, handle or favorite word like **KEITH (**53484) or **MOVIEGUY (**66843489) as a shortcut to their existing mobile phone number.

“StarStar Me makes it easy for users to network and connect, and helps them organize their mobile lives,” said Joe Gillespie, CEO of Zoove, the exclusive provider of StarStar Me. “Our new capabilities take this convenience to the next level. For most of us, the phone has become the central organization and communication tool in our life. StarStar Me now provides people with anywhere, anytime access to efficiently manage important calls and contacts like never before.”

To sign up for StarStar Me, customers can simply call **ME (**63) from their mobile phone, or visit