More details have surfaced about the BlackBerry Venice and which apps we may see launch on it. If you were afraid about losing the BlackBerry feel on Android with the Venice, worry no more. @evleaks has tweeted a screenshot showing some of the APKs that will be part of the Venice’s Android ROM, and BlackBerry fans will quickly notice some of their favorite apps are present.

While all the leaks so far have pointed at the Venice running Android, those that decide to pick up this device will still be able to enjoy some great features from BlackBerry 10 like the Hub, Calendar, and more. Of course, BBM looks to also be pre-loaded on the Venice, along with a BlackBerry Launcher (probably BlackBerry’s Android skin name) too. There’s also an interesting apk named BlackBerryBide. We have no idea what this could be, but hopefully we’ll know soon enough.

We can’t wait to actually see the OS running on this device. What do you guys think?

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