The BlackBerry Venice leaks are on full-mode recently, and this afternoon we’re getting a glimpse at what BlackBerry plans on bringing to Android as part of their BlackBerry Productivity Suite. If you recall, this specialized software was announced back in March and was meant to bring some of the best features of BlackBerry 10 over to Android and iOS.

The GIF above from @evleaks, which has been turned into a video courtesy of Bla1ze, shows off the Hub, Contacts, and other parts of this BlackBerry Productivity Suite on the BlackBerry Venice. The device is running Android, not BlackBerry 10, so of course it makes sense to include this software into it. After the leaked list of APKs that will be part of the Venice, it was only a matter of time before we got a better glimpse of what it would look like; even if it is in a GIF.

BlackBerry will without a doubt look to make this – along with its slide out keyboard – the distinguishing factor between its Android device and the rest out there. I personally think it’s a brilliant idea, so I’m happy to see more leaks pointing towards it actually being a reality.