Back in June we exclusively revealed that BlackBerry’s next flagship device, the Venice slider will be launching in November of this year. According to one of my favorite @evleaks,  not only is that date correct, but you’ll be able to get this device at more places other than just

The latest rumor points to all four major U.S. carriers getting the rights to sell the BlackBerry Slider when it becomes available. There’s no exclusivity in play here, and all of these wireless partners want to sell this new device. For BlackBerry, that’s huge news as it’ll be their first device to be available nationwide like that since the Q10.


As far as what OS the Venice will be running, @evleaks not only doubles down on the fact that it will launch with Android, but he also provided what look to be more press renders of the Venice and Passport running Android.

So far, all leaks indicate the BlackBerry Venice Slider will be running Android. If BlackBerry decides to make one running BlackBerry 10, it’s keeping a super tight lid on it. Also, if they do launch a BB10 variant, it will more than likely not be available at carrier stores and be sold only through instead.

We’re still about three months away, but the anticipation for this device is palpable. November can’t get here soon enough.

[UPDATE] @evleaks has just tweeted a GIF that looks to be showing off the Venice from a few cool angles. Check it out below!