Back in June of this year, we exclusively revealed the first (accurate) specs of the BlackBerry 10 slider, codenamed the “Venice.” In the specs we revealed, the slider would rock an 18 megapixel rear-camera and feature a 5.4 inch Quad-HD display.

The notorious leaker, Evan Blass, known as @evleaks on Twitter would later give the world an alleged glimpse at a Android-powered BlackBerry Slider. When a user asked Blass for the Slider specs, he then cited our exclusive report:

Today, Blass revealed a few more things, confirming our exclusive report. A render of the backside of the Slider, showing the “18MP” fast-focus OIS camera with dual-LED was leaked.

Additionally, a stock wallpaper pack was leaked which confirmed the 1440×2560 resolution Quad-HD display. However, as of this writing, the tweets have strangely disappeared from Blass’ Twitter account.

Perhaps, Blass accidentally pulled the trigger on their reporting too soon? Nevertheless, Blass also stated that the Slider is planned for T-Mobile. Thus far, we’ve heard the Slider is expected to release in an October – November 2015 timeframe.