Following up on the heels of the leaked BlackBerry ‘Venice’ Slider rear-camera render, which seemingly confirms it at 18 megapixel, additional renders have surfaced.

CrackBerry got their hands on new renders that show the Slider, but it appears to show it with Android functionality.


This image shows the BlackBerry Hub, but you’ll notice it isn’t the Hub on BlackBerry 10. This shows the “BlackBerry Experience Suite” Hub, which is for Android.

A different view of the Slider’s camera has leaked, which yet again hints at confirming our exclusive reported Slider specs of an 18 megapixel rear-camera.

To further the “Android-powered” rumor, this render shows the Slider having access to Google Chromecast. This is currently not possible on BlackBerry 10, at least not natively or as direct like this render showcases.

Though, as CrackBerry editor Chris Parsons states, “These are presumably internal renders and as such, they can’t be 100% confirmed and until BlackBerry gets around to commenting on the Venice slider, all of this should be considered rumors. Very interesting rumors mind you, but still rumors at best.”

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