Research In Motion has at last made it possible for developers to make Blackberry widgets.

“BlackBerry® Widget SDK 1.0 Beta 1 consists of the BlackBerry
Widget Packager 1.0 Beta 1, a BlackBerry Device Simulator,
documentation and code samples. The BlackBerry Widget Packager 1.0 Beta 1 is a new tool that allows
web developers to package up their web assets into BlackBerry Widgets
(small, discrete, standalone web applications that use HTML, CSS and
JavaScript). A BlackBerry Widget looks, behaves and has the same
security mechanisms as a native BlackBerry application. BlackBerry
Widgets can be installed on a BlackBerry smartphone like any native
application and can be extended to use device-specific information and
data using the BlackBerry Widget APIs.”

It will be interesting to see what type of widgets will come to our Blackberry devices. There are already a few sample widgets to explore. For more info check it out here.