Earlier today, the BlackBerry Windermere developer smartphone was allegedly unveiled. Sources claim this next QWERTY BlackBerry will feature some updated specs. The screen resolution is being bumped up to a 1440×1440 display (still 1:1 ratio), and the RAM upgraded to 3GB.

The most prominent change looks to be the keyboard. New reports say the BlackBerry Windermere “features three rows of keys instead of the traditional four and all of the keys are touch sensitive.”

The keys on the Windermere are still physical and can be pressed in. However, “you can also swipe gestures over them and this is how you would access numbers, symbols, accent keys and more. It works very much like how the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30 onscreen keyboards function.”

Additionally, it’s being rumored that with the increase in screen real estate, BlackBerry may plan to allow two apps to simultaneously be opened on the screen.

If reports are true, BlackBerry has a big partner interested in the phone. If they can come to agreement, we may see the Windermere evolve from prototype stage. Would you like to see a BlackBerry QWERTY device like this?