Previously, we exclusively showed you photos of the BlackBerry Windermere, dubbed unofficially as the Q30.

This upcoming QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone features a unique touch-sensitive keyboard and a giant 4.5 inch touchscreen with 457 PPI.

Originally, it was thought that the iteration we originally had shown was final hardware. However, it seems BlackBerry is making refinements to the Windermere hardware on the backplate.

Here’s what we originally showed:


As you can see from the image above, BlackBerry has added a silver lining around the top half of the Windermere. Additionally, BlackBerry has added a circular silver line around the camera, to accentuate it.

Currently, it is unknown whether or not BlackBerry will enhance the plastic base of the backplate. We imagine BlackBerry will either encompass the dimpled back featured on the Z3 or incorporate a glass weave as found on the Q10 and Z30.

Nevertheless, the BlackBerry Windermere is shaping up to be BlackBerry’s next-generation QWERTY smartphone. Interested buyers may likely be able to pick up this device sometime after September 2014, when BlackBerry OS 10.3 hits Technical Acceptance.