BlackBerry intends to release another BlackBerry 10 QWERTY smartphone later this year. The BlackBerry Windermere, otherwise dubbed the “Q30”, will be a high-end next iteration of the Q-series.

We’ve already given you exclusive details and look at the Windermere. From what we’ve been told, the photos of the Windermere’s ornamental design are essentially final. Although, the back-plate will be different at launch.

This means, the Windermere is most likely going to market with the straight-edge corners. We polled our readers, and about 70% said they wish the Windermere would have rounded edges.

Once concept design artist has made a physical mock design of a Windermere-like device. The only difference, this concept gives the Windermere the sought after rounded edges.

No, these images aren’t of a real prototype like some may claim. These are simply the works of a fan, having a go at creating a mock device. But, that’s not to say it doesn’t look good.

Check out the other photos below and let us know if you’re liking this idea for the “Q30” rather than the straight-edged corners.