BlackBerry is Working on a 1080p Device

BlackBerry is Working on a 1080p Device

When BlackBerry 10 news first began to trickle out, we exclusively unveiled that the company planned for a long-term BlackBerry 720p future, which the company later confirmed. BlackBerry seemed to look to using one standard resolution to help thwart fragmentation and ease app development.

Though, many feared this wasn’t the best move as competitors had already begun upgrading their devices to full HD 1080p. We caught a glimpse of BlackBerry apparently having a change of heart when the BlackBerry Z3 specs leaked, which revealed a 540 x 960 resolution.

With the recent BlackBerry 10.3 OS leak, we have been able to peek inside and see what goodies might be hidden. Coupled in the OS are assets for a device with a 1080 x 1920 resolution.

Could this be another BlackBerry tablet or an all-touch smartphone? It’s not quite clear, but at least we can see BlackBerry making progress towards the evolution of full HD BlackBerry devices. What do you think the 1080p device might be, smartphone or tablet?

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