Reports are coming out from India that shed some interesting light on the potential retail strategy BlackBerry is seeking to employ against the stiff competition they are facing in the country (and many other would-be emerging markets). BlackBerry is in talks with top Indian telecom operators to create attractive plans for customers by bundling data packages.

Not many specifics are mentioned but Enterprise Director India, Sunil Lalvani, remarked in the interview:

BlackBerry India also plans to launch advertising on its messenger platform and offer server access to enterprises to tap new profit channels.

Of note the source also states that in the first week of multi-platform BBM on iOS and Android nearly 20 Million downloads came out of India. As they move forward to create discount data plans for customers in the region it brings back the service model platform we’ve seen from Legacy BBOS through what we know as BIS. Whether or not we’ll see any broader strategy unfold across BlackBerry markets is hard to say, but bringing BB10 devices to market with attractive data rates can help entice the buyer away from higher priced handsets from rivals.

The market is booming and BlackBerry will have to be adaptive to meet not only enterprise but consumers who are their majority interest.

BlackBerry though has changed focus. BlackBerry in India now has equal sales from its enterprise and small office customers as handset sales to retail customers, he [Lalvani] said. “Enterprise and professionals represent 30% of our client base generating 50% of our revenue.”

Interesting to say the least. This is a global brand and it’s refreshing to see they are present and aware of the market challenges and are working to face them head on.

Via The Economic Times India