John Sims, global enterprises services head of BlackBerry, recently stated in a round table discussion that the company has plans to bring video chat to it’s enterprise focused version of BBM for desktops.

The full discussion included some talk on why BlackBerry will focus more on Qwerty devices, as well as an emphasis on becoming more and more of a cross platform mobile environment.

BlackBerry is really taking a lot of huge steps in appealing to more enterprise customers, and one of those steps is the eventual introduction of video chat for desktop eBBM. Sims believes this feature will really get current and potential enterprise customers’ interests piqued.

As of right now, there are no plans to bring this desktop video chat, or even a desktop version itself, for consumers. Sims feels as though there isn’t enough interest on the consumer side of the business to make the application valuable to the company.

PCMag via BlackBerry Empire