This just in. BlackBerry BETA Zone has just sent out invites for a closed BlackBerry World Beta.  Recently, they pushed an application  for the BETA Zone which allows OTA downloads which makes the process very easy for end users. This particular BETA brings BlackBerry World up to While boasting improved performance and multiple bug fixes the app brings one distinct new feature:  Built for BlackBerry Improvements!

-Searching from the storefront, apps, or game screens will now return a search result group that contains just “Built for BlackBerry” applications. You can see an example of this below:


If you’re on some newer 10.2 builds this shouldn’t be new for you, but for the rest it is new. Essentially when you search in BB World Built for BlackBerry apps will show above the other search results, greatly increasing BFB exposure.

I’m very glad to see the emphasis on Built for BlackBerry for the qualified developers–it’s much deserved. You can join BlackBerry’s beta program via BlackBerry BETA Zone.