Earlier today we told you that RIM has rebranded BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World, some of you probably thought it would be a little confusing since there’s already a BlackBerry World conference. Well, RIM thought of that too and they have renamed it to BlackBerry Live! This year’s conference will be very exciting for everyone since BlackBerry 10 will already be released. A lot will be happening at BlackBerry Live, including:

  • Road-test the game changing BlackBerry 10 platform to see why everyone is so excited
  • Get your toughest technical and business questions answered
  • Meet the BlackBerry leaders behind BlackBerry 10
  • Accelerate your mobile decision-making with expert advice and services
  • Form business relationships to rely on down the road
  • Hear what’s next for BlackBerry
  • Participate in the mobile ecosystem and help shape the future of BlackBerry

BlackBerry Live is happening on May 14-16, 2013 in Orlando. Registration will be open soon, and you can find more information on the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog.