Alongside a long-time speculated partnership of BlackBerry and Amazon have tied the knot on a deal that will bring a secondary application storefront to BlackBerry 10 devices. It seems however, that BlackBerry in so doing, is also looking ahead to mitigate conflict of interest and are set to close the Music and Video sections of BlackBerry World on July 21st.

Likely, with Amazon’s vastly superior catalog and connections to media it makes more sense to utilize Amazon’s services rather than working to support their own through multiple partners.

Fear not if you’ve been downloading movies and music to your device, as they’ll still be accessible for you to download to multiple devices direct from the content partner.

I’m not too miffed about this, I just hope the Amazon Appstore is built natively for BlackBerry 10. We all prefer BBM Music (RIP) anyway, right @KevCollazo?