BlackBerry World Needs Coupons and Gift Cards

BlackBerry World Needs Coupons and Gift Cards

I’ve used every major mobile platform available. Each platforms mobile content stores have their strengths and weaknesses. BlackBerry World, as Ronen from BerryReview points out, still lacks essential features like coupon codes and in-store gift cards.

BlackBerry developers were able to offer a workaround before when apps were able to be downloaded OTA. With BlackBerry 10, the apps have to be installed directly from BlackBerry World or side-loaded.

Developers and users are feeling the brunt of the lack of a coupon system. BlackBerry World has these missed opportunities by dragging their feet:

  • Developers are unable to offer flash sales through different channels like Twitter
  • Developers cannot give away copies of their app to create buzz or easily limit the number they give away
  • Websites like BerryReview and ourselves cannot easily run a contest to giveaway applications or offer readers discounts
  • Developers cannot offer discounts for beta testers, survey respondents, or long standing customers
  • Developers cannot easily give websites review copies of their software

Imagine walking into a retail store and seeing a purchasable BlackBerry World gift card sitting next to an iTunes gift card. It is this tidbit of market oversight that must be quelled.

Hopefully BlackBerry will pick up the pace and make BlackBerry World a viable competing marketplace to roval that of Google and Apple. I can’t imagine it to be that hard of a process to initiate. What say you Team BlackBerry?

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