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BlackBerry X10 N-Series Will Launch on January 30th

We’ve known that the L-Series will be unveiled at the BlackBerry 10 launch events world-wide. However, rumors had previously pinned the BlackBerry X10 N-Series to launch sometime in June 2013.

We’re hearing that the X10 N-Series will in fact release the same time as the BlackBerry Z10 L-Series. There will also be two variants of the L-Series launched on January 30th: 3G and LTE models.

Lets hope what we’re hearing is spot on and there won’t be much waiting after the BlackBerry 10 unveiling to get your hands on a Z10 or X10. Though, be mindful your carrier plays the biggest role in the launch timeliness. So far we’ve seen T-Mobile may not release the Z10 L-Series until March!

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