Have you been eying the upcoming BlackBerry Z30? Are you a Verizon Wireless customer? You more than likely will not want to trade-in your Z10 with Big Red.

Some customers with a BlackBerry Z10 on Verizon Wireless have been receiving auto-generated emails urging them to trade-in their devices and upgrade.

The flyer advertises a $172 trade-in value, but with an asterisk. After filling out the information for the trade-in credit with a mint condition Z10, Verizon Wireless only offers a $121 credit.

Whereas, Big Red is offering $186.01 for a Samsung Galaxy S4. And as you might expect, Verizon is offering even more for the iPhone 5 at $256.01 + a $43.99 promotional credit totaling a 16GB model trade-in value at $300!

The amount a carrier offers for trade-in value can often times be indicative of which phones are the best sellers. There have been murmurs that BlackBerry 10 devices have not been selling all too well in the US of A. If trade-in values are at all telling, it doesn’t look like the Z10 did well on Big Red.

Thanks Justin!