Yeah I said it. My Z10 is much better than your iPhone , Android or even W8 phone. Crazy statement to most but I sincerely believe it. People who know me can vouch about my excessive obsession with electronics and boy do I have the receipts to prove it. I have owned every iPhone and every major Android device to hit the US market.

As I am writing this post I have an HTC one , an iPhone 5 , a Z10 and a nokia lumia 920 staring at me. I have tried every operating system in the market and all offer unique and special features that make each one worth to own. I want all of you to know that I wouldn’t make a statement based on something I never tried.

Ask a BlackBerry fan what they love about their device and I guarantee you none will not mention apps. I LOVE APPS. I am very upset that a lot of apps aren’t available on my Z10. I love instagram and I enjoy using Vine. I still can’t believe how BlackBerry released a “SMART” phone that is not offering any banking apps in the US. It’s pretty sad. I WANT MORE APPS.

After saying that I want to remind people that for a new platform we do have enough apps to make sure that our smartphones can handle every day tasks. Let me list some of these apps

Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn and Foursquare – The main four social networks are all available for BB10 and some have received incredible app upgrades.

Whatsapp, WeChat , BBM – Not a huge list but we do have the absolute best communications application in BBM and the second one in Whatsapp. Keeping in contact with friends in other platforms is just as easy as if you were in a competing device. Soon BBM will be released cross platform and that will make it even easier

Kindle, Kobo – Both are Android ports. Both work awesome and make reading on the Z10 very easy. If books are your thing , BlackBerry has you covered

Bloomberg, Stocks , Reuters  – If  you are a broker or you trade in the market these apps are for you. Stocks is a native, build for blackberry app that is really amazing. You can get your financial news right on your device. If that is your sector  you are covered as well

We have news apps like CNN and  Al jazeera , we have Soundhound for music recognition , Skype (which works AMAZING on 10.2 due to jelly bean support) cool social apps like untappd , a very awesome google music app in GoMusic ,something very hard to find on iOS , we have eBay , GasBuddy, Flixter (with ultra violet streaming) , we have MTV apps for every region , we have Formula 1 apps, sports apps like TheScore and Scorecenter, and plenty more  like StubHub, Dictionary , keek, Maxim magazine, NHL Gamecenter , NFL,  Crackle , open table, WSJ and The New York Times , iHeartRadio , Trullia , Poynt and I can go for hours.


Don’t forget gaming as we have an abundance of  tttles  available to Z10 owners including developers like Gameloft, EA sports and plenty more.

Although impressive the truth is you can get all these apps and games on Android and iOS so why is the Z10 better?

Because of BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry in a continuation of it horrible marketing strategy, has failed to showcase the incredible innovation within the OS. We have no buttons. Yeah it sounds simple but realize that we have NO BUTTONS. This is the most advance operating system based and orchestrated to move through your fingertips. The first pure gesture based OS wasn’t marketed as such. The Hub is not a unified inbox, it’s much more. The keyboard is special, Timeshift is cool but most people don’t know it. I don’t want to rant more about how awful Frank has been in his tenure with BlackBerry (I ll leave it for another post) but I want people to see the beauty within the device.

I love the incredible multitasking abilities of the device. I can swipe up and to the right and go straight to my hub. I can reply to emails , texts . FB and twitter messages without ever leaving the hub. In 10.2 you can reply to your messages without having to leave the application you are in. Believe it or  not a lot of these “simple” items aren’t available in iOS and Android.

My keyboard destroys your keyboard. I don’t care if you have iOS , Android , Swiftkey or Swype. My Keyboard makes your keyboard look like a toy. I will beat any one of my friends or you in a typing battle with my z10. There is no competition Ifs or butts , my keyboard is the best in the industry period.

When I first saw the Timeshift feature on BB10 I was in awe. Then after a while it was a cool “gimmick” in my phone I never used. One day my wife and I were out with the family and friends  which includes 4 little children , and we decided to take a photo. We asked a friend to snap a picture with all our phones and I set mine in Timeshift mode. If you have been around or have kids of your own you can imagine how hectic it is to get them to look at the camera. After all the cheeses and smiles we could endure. we were all left with horrible pictures. Lucky for me, I was able to use my Timeshift and correct it to look as decent as possible. I sent everyone the picture which made for a happy ending. The day after my friend requested me on BBM. He actually loved the camera so much he went out and switched from an iPhone to a BlackBerry.


To conclude my long rant , I want you all to try the Z10. I am not in any way putting down the Q10 but if you want a keyboard device there simply isn’t a better choice in the market than BlackBerry. Most companies allow you 14 days to return the deviceif you don’t like it. I am so sure you would love the experience so much you will keep the phone. . Make sure you experience the best in class video chat with amazing screen share features, make sure you make a memory last for ever  with the StoryMaker app and remember to check out the “remember” app with amazing Evernote integration. Experience what it feels to not have to install an “anti malware” app on your phone because BlackBerry smartphones are build secure. Experience what it is like to travel with no worries thanks to the BEST in class travel app in BlackBerry Travel. Don’t allow yourself to make a decision before you try this incredible device that keeps on getting better with every update. If instagram is something you must have just sideload the app like I did  It’s extremely easy and it works. There is also rumors that it will soon be brought to BlackBerry World.

It will suck to miss out on the BEST mobile OS because of  BlackBerry’s awful marketing and a few apps.