January 30th is quickly approaching, where RIM will formally announce BlackBerry 10 device(s). There has been nothing short of leaks for the L-Series, all-touch device.

According to the alleged marketing material, the L-Series official branding will be as BlackBerry Z10. The reasoning: “RIM is jettisoning the traditional four-digit model numbers in favor of a shorter, catchier nomenclature; the full-touch device, currently known by its “L-series” designation, should come to market as the BlackBerry Z10, in both black and white.”

As for the full QWERTY N-Series, there hasn’t been confirmation. However, there are details which suggest the N-Series will be known as BlackBerry X10.

If this holds true, what do you think of RIM’s new nomenclature for the BB10 devices?

via UnwiredView


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