We all know President Obama is still rocking a BlackBerry these days, and apparently the brand follows him wherever he goes. The picture above, a “selfie” taken at the late Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, features British Prime Minister, David Cameron, Denmark’s Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and U.S. President, Barack Obama. The picture has gone a bit viral this morning, understandably so. It’s not every day you see world leaders taking selfies, but that’s not why were specifically interested. If you look closely, it appears the device being used to snap the photo is indeed a BlackBerry Z10.

As we know, President Obama is rocking a 9900, so odds are that’s not his device. Could it be the Danish Prime Minister’s device? Possibly. Either way, it’s awesome to see BlackBerry smartphones in the hands on those with power. Regardless of how the brand may be perceived by the public, world leaders keep on trusting BlackBerry for their needs.