There are 330 WirelessWave stores across Canada. According to Glentel Inc., the owner of the WirelessWave chain, the BlackBerry Z10 is “leading smartphone” since it went on sale in the stores on February 5th.

Glentel says the BlackBerry Z10 has been outselling Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy phones. Though, the company would not provide a specific breakdown of sales numbers.

Andrew MacLeod, managing director for Canada at BlackBerry, said in a statement that the Z10’s launch day was “50 per cent better than any other launch day in our history in Canada.”

“We are delighted with strong customer acceptance and customer experience within our stores of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone,” stated David Hartman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of WirelessWave Group, Glentel Inc.

Those specific sales figures won’t be released until the quarterly results at the end of March. Similar sales results on the BlackBerry Z10 look to be happening in the UK and rest of the regions where the Z10 is available.