The BlackBerry Z10 is being promoted using NFC-led campaigns throughout the UK. BlackBerry has teamed up with NFC specialist Proxama and experimental marketing agency Experience Worldwide to create the unique campaign.

Starting with 14 shopping centres nationwide, the campaign features an NFC experience that allows existing BlackBerry device owners to sample the NFC element of the Z10.

Users will be able to tap the Z10 to NFC powered smart posters to claim prizes ranging from USB sticks and phone covers to BlackBerry themed shoulder bags.

“It’s fantastic that BlackBerry is getting behind NFC as a core feature of the new generation of smart phones,” said Proxama managing director Miles Quitmann. “We believe that the mobile industry needs to make a concerted effort to educate consumers to the benefits of NFC and what it can do to improve people’s everyday lives.”

“Consumer engagement is a vital cog in the development of NFC and campaigns such as this one will help build the public’s awareness and understanding of it,” he added.

If you’re in the UK, go and find one of these NFC campaigns. You might win some very cool prizes.

via NFCWorld