Australia was slightly late to the BlackBerry Z10 launch party. Carriers Telstra and Optus released the Z10 at the end of March. Big box stores like Harvey Norman also carried the Z10.

The focus has mainly been on the BlackBerry Z10’s US sales. However, its sales in Australia and abroad are just as important. BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, even listed Australia in the top 10 key markets for BlackBerry.

Just how well then has the BlackBerry Z10 been received in Australia? We reached out the Telstra and Optus. As of this writing, Telstra was the only one to reply. Here’s what they said in regards to the Z10 launch:

The BlackBerry Z10 has been particularly well received by our business customers and we’re happy with the way sales have been tracking since the phone was launched in late March.”

Though, no mention yet of the consumer response. Nonetheless, having their business customers take action on BlackBerry 10 is certainly just as, if not more important. Those customers will also be utilizing BES 10, which equates to added service revenue for BlackBerry.

In fact, this is a pretty big deal for Telstra to say they’ve been happy with the sales of the BlackBerry Z10. While Australia may be in the top 10 key markets, it certainly is no “BlackBerry nation”. Perhaps, we’ll see a turnaround soon enough.