BlackBerry Z10 L-Series Battery Life

BlackBerry Z10 L-Series Battery Life

We’ve received the full spec sheet for the BlackBerry Z10 L-Series. More specifically for the GSM variants. A lot of it is already known, and has been speculated nearly spot-on. However, one thing that was left out was it’s battery life.

The BlackBerry Z10 L-Series will feature an L-S1 battery. This is the same battery used in the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B (essentially a ‘London’ in a different shell). The L-S1 battery is 1,800mAh. Here’s the details on battery life:

  • GSM Talk Time: 8 hrs, GSM Standby Time: 305 hrs
  • UMTS Talk Time: 10 hrs, UMTS Standby Time: 285 hrs
  • Audio Playback: 60 hrs, Video Playback: 10 hrs

To put that into perspective, the BlackBerry 10 L-Series has nearly the exact same battery life as the iPhone 5. It also beats the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. Are you excited for the battery life on the GSM variant of the L-Series?

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