In the beginning stages of the unraveling story of BlackBerry 10 there were hints of a slider device. This BlackBerry 10 slider was codenamed “Milan”.

We later received information that showed the Milan projected was effectively canceled. Or, at the very least it was put on the back-burner.

That hasn’t stopped slider fans from requesting BlackBerry release a BlackBerry 10 slider. One such fan, Alex Hong, has created a concept render of what an upcoming BB10 slider called the BlackBerry Z15 would look like.

The Z15 renders definitely look sleek. If BlackBerry were to release a device like this I believe it would certainly do well with the niche slider fans. What say you? Would you rock a BlackBerry 10 slider if it looked like this?

*UPDATE* – I’ve altered the article as new information has come to the light confirming it’s in fact a fan concept as previously thought.