BlackBerry’s newly announced Z3 device will be making its way to Indonesia and other select markets starting in April. Even though the device has been announced, BlackBerry hasn’t shared many actual specs about it aside from the fact it has a 5″ display. Some specs had allegedly been leaked before its official announcement which suggested a weird 540×960 display for the Z3. However, is now pointing out that the Z3 will instead be a typical 720p smartphone instead.

According to their report, an analysis of a BlackBerry 10 app’s data (not mentioned which) shows a device with the codename is STJ100-1 – which will all know to be the “Jakarta” Z3. That device apparently comes equipped with a 720×1280 display according to the data which is pictured above. This is, in turn, more of a standard for BlackBerry 10, and helps developers out by not changing a thing for their apps. The Z3 will not sport an AMOLED screen like the Z30, but having it be a 5″ screen at 720p gives it the same ppi as its high-end peer.

If this report is indeed correct and the Z3 turns out to be a 720p device, it immediately becomes a top of the line mid-tier smartphone. Couple that with the price that it’s rumored to be launched at, and Chen could have himself a real winning device for BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry Z3 is expected to launch next month in Indonesia, and later make its way to other countries around the world.

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