The BlackBerry Z3 is currently in pre-order in Indonesia, with it officially going on sale after that. Today, Indonesian blog myBB10 posted a full hands on review of the Z3 as they were able to get a hold of the device a bit early. The review is obviously not in English, but there are some things we can find out about this device that we may not have known before.

As mentioned in previous posts, BlackBerry has kept quiet about the Z3’s official specs even after it was announced. We got wind of some leaked specs before, and it looks like those may have been right on point, especially the non-HD 540×960 display.

MyBB10 points out the Z3’s official specs as shown below:

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 12.28.13 PM

Worth pointing out also, that the Z3 is coming pre-loaded with BlackBerry 10.2.1, and not 10.3 as some had hoped. It will also feature a pretty bad ass battery at 2500mAh; not on the Z30-level, but still better than a lot of competing Android devices out there.

Yes, these specs won’t blow anyone out of the water, but this device is slated to cost less than $200 which, in my opinion, will make a super hot seller in these parts of the world anyways. Now, all we have to do is find is someone to get us one of these bad boys over to the U.S. and sell them on pre-paid plans.

If you want to check out myBB10’s full review, click the source link below, and have Google translate go to work. It’s definitely worth checking out.