BlackBerry has started sending out press invitations to a Z3 launch event in India on June 25th, which is next week.  The BlackBerry Z3 device which was announced earlier this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has seen good reception in Indonesia and with reviewers around the world.

The tight-knit launch we saw in Indonesia with local highlights will likely be rebuilt for the Indian market. Working closely in these key markets will be a strong show of how Chen and his management teams want to bring in new hardware. IF the uptick in Z3 sales replicates in other markets than Chen may we well on his way to increasing market share in growing mobile regions.

As more information surrounding upcoming launches comes fourth we’ll certainty be keeping up to date with the latest. It’s also suggested that BlackBerry is seeking to bring the Z3 to Vietnam and Malaysia as well, moving efficiently to hit these market targets shows BlackBerry is focused on making the device a success.

Z3 is the first phone manufactured by Foxconn. During its Indonesia Z3 launch, BlackBerry had said it would gradually introduce the Z3 in six other countries including the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.- Times of India

BlackBerry just delivered BBM Protected ahead of schedule so it’s great to see the pacing pick up as we head toward the latter half of 2014.