[UPDATE] BlackBerry has contacted us to let us know they will not be launching the Z3 next week in Indonesia. There has been some confusion with the report TheRecord has put out, but unfortunately, that launch date has not been moved up. The closest thing we have officially is what CEO John Chen said in the last BlackBerry earnings call land that is a May launch.


BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been a busy man since taking over the reigns at the company. He’s been traveling all over the world in an attempt to talk to different big time BlackBerry customers and share the company’s vision for the future. Next week, Chen will making a stop in Indonesia for the launch of the new BlackBerry Z3. This launch, which we had all been wondering when it would take place, was shared by Chen in an interview with TheRecord.

The Z3, the first device BlackBerry will release in 2014, will clue us in as to whether the company can successfully market and sell a low-end BlackBerry 10 smartphone in a targeted area – something that is key for its survival moving forward.

BlackBerry has also yet to confirm the Z3’s internal specs, which has definitely raised some red flags. While there is some evidence that it could sport a 720p display, we did see some alleged leaked specs before the device was even announced, which pointed to much more disappointing internals. Either way, the mystery remains for now, so hopefully that gets cleared up sooner rather than later as well.