Can we expect the BlackBerry Z3 device to be available in short time to BlackBerry users in Malaysia? Signs point to yes, as distribution channels in SIRIMS corporate systems show the device, namely the Z3 STJ100-1 is showing approved as of May 14th. Coincidentally, this is the same day that the Z3 device was launched in Indonesia.

Clearly, BlackBerry is working to line up the channels and amass a more widespread launch of the Z3 device in other markets. We suspect that key market targets will be in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and even South Africa. Other markets like Latin America could perhaps get an LTE variant down the line as well, assuming the general reception remains strong.


We do not yet know when they intend to make these devices available, nor have a set pricing.

Feel free to drop a comment down below and let us know what markets you would like to see the BlackBerry Z3.