We can confirm that the first BlackBerry A-Series will be called the Z30. A recently leaked BlackBerry 10 OS lead a CB forums users to discover a logo for Z30 bundled in the OS.

Though, we’ve known all along. If you followed closely, we left hints in certain articles with the branding as a ‘tag’ for the article. If you were to Google search the ‘Z30 N4BB‘ you’ll see the tag is already indexed in the search engine and shows posts form 7 days ago.

We’ll let Google help prove we didn’t just change the titles today. If you’re familiar with Google’s search engine, then you’ll know they cache the results. Once their spiders return to the page and see a change, then they’ll update accordingly and it doesn’t happen overnight. Basically, we didn’t just make these changes today. They were done a few days ago as we had knowledge of the matter.

As such, the first A-Series device will be called the Z30. The logical nomenclature would have been a ‘Z15′ and we’re not sure why BlackBerry chose ’30’. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the name.


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