Rumours are running high involving the BlackBerry Z30, the company’s next flagship device. From what we have seen in the recent images that have surfaced the battery is non-removable.

But, why would a removable battery door be necessary? Would you even call it a battery door, when it can simply be called, a “removable back plate”? That is precisely what it is, simply put. The following are a few reasons why the Z30 will have a removable back plate, without a removable battery.

1) Colours. No matter how much we can laugh at the matter, colours on phones make a world of difference on what phone many will choose, so why not buy a great phone, and customize the colour of the backplate? Designs can also be created to add a personal touch to this device.

2) Repair. Accidents happen, and damages are not impossible. Accessibility is key for repair folk. The removable back plate will give access to repair techs to “easily” access the nether regions of the phone, without (a) too much trouble , and (b) showing that repair work may have been done.

3) Replaceability. For instance you drop your phone, or someone decides to slide your phone towards you on a rough surface. The back may eventually get scratched, or damaged depending on the way you handle your device. Tired of the worn out look of the back of your phone? Replace it! Easy-peasy.

4) Cosmetics. Hiding the sim card and micro-sd card slot behind the back plate makes the device look smother on the sides, and requires less parts that slide out (trays), or flip out (sim card doors).

5) Width = not affected. The width of the phone is not particularly any different because the removable back plate. Enough said.