With the addition of the trackpad and function keys to the upcoming Q20, BlackBerry concept artists have been in full swing with either new adaptations to previous works, or completely new ideas altogether. Today, we look at a concept that’s beyond just the device. The BlackBerry Z60c comes to us from BigOpti at bbhub.nl, and features a super detailed look at what a future full-touch BlackBerry device could look like.

The Z60c features a 1080p AMOLED 5.1″ display along with a 20mp camera in the back, and an 8mp shooter in the front. It’s a classic trackpad and function keys device, with microHDMI, and microUSB connections, and dual SIM card slots.

BlackBerry 10.5 concept

While I’m not really a fan of the trackpad and keys look, the thing I do like the most about this concept is the OS associated with it. BigOpti gives the Z60c BlackBerry 10.5 which brings a lot of changes to what we’re used to. Gone are the four active frames per screen we know, and instead six apps can be accessible from one area.

BlackBerry 10.5 concept 2

A swipe gesture has also been introduced in this BlackBerry 10.5 concept. This gesture would allow the user to swipe between apps instead of having to minimize them to multitask.

A lot of work was put into this concept, and it may be the dream device for some of you out there, so we want to know, would you buy a BlackBerry Z60c? Let us know in the comments!